Volume proposal

JUPS editorial board invites volume proposals to be published in future issues of the journal. These proposals can be based on the proceedings of a conference or symposium, or by pooling of authors that investigate a particular problem or theme. The proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. 

The volume proposal should include:

  • title and short summary of the volume
  • tentative table of contents
  • statement regarding the originality of the volume
  • brief abstract for each article in the volume (100-150 words)  
  • proposed timetable.

We ask that the members of the proposed volume appoint a Volume Editor(s), who will be a primary point of contact and correspondence regarding the volume. We also ask the Volume Editor to submit a potential list of peer-reviewers, appropriate for the volume (the board will consider them in their selection process) and to follow the Guide for Authors requirements for the articles, outlined by JUPS.   

The volume proposals should be emailed to jups@krytyka.com.