Why open access?

In the traditional journal publications model, journals are sold on a subscription basis (Closed Access) to the libraries, which means that mostly only researches affiliated with these institutions can have access to the articles, restricting the sharing of knowledge.  These subscription costs have been justified since journals required editorial overview, printing, distributing and marketing. In addition, publishing houses, which owned the journals, were accused of making substantial profits, on what some considered being a public good (research produced through taxpayer funding). However, with the advent of the World Wide Web and a transition to an online form of publishing and general readership, many of these costs became unjustified, pushing scholars and institutions to share their knowledge more freely.

Although publishing in an Open-Access (OA) journal has been around since the late 1980s, it was not until 2000s that OA really took off and is now becoming increasingly popular among scholars and academic institutions eager to make their research more widely available and thus increasing its impact. For scholars, open access makes it easier for their work to be read and cited worldwide, while the society benefits through a more accelerated learning, sharing and improvement of knowledge.

Since one of the main aims of JUPS is to bridge academics in Ukraine and the region with that of the global scholarship on Ukraine, OA is the fastest and most cost-effective mechanism by which such a process can be accomplished. 

What is Open Access?

Open access is a free access to the works of scholars, which permits the readers to read, download, print and distribute the full text of the articles without the expectation or requirement of payment.

How does JUPS cover the reviewing costs?

In our current business model, JUPS is operating as a non-for-profit organization, where journal editors and reviewers are not compensated for their work. To cover the costs of translation, copy-editing, typesetting, web-site creation and maintenance, JUPS together with Krytyka is accepting donations and applying for grant funding from institutional and private donors. To put the journal on a more stable financial footing we ask our readers and contributors to sign up or donate to Krytyka Magazine, which acts as a parent organization and subsidizes our production cost. 

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